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The Three Lives of Naumkeag House Tour

Explore this Gilded Age family “cottage” with a guide who will share family stories, and tell you about how Naumkeag was built, who visited, and how the family used the house. Visit the public spaces, including the family and guest bedrooms, as well as behind-the-scenes spaces like Joseph Choate's office. learn how the family entertained their guests, and why they built Naumkeag as a place of refuge and retreat. NOTE: The house is not wheelchair accessible, and the tour involves climbing stairs.

House tours run daily, starting on the half hour; the last tour begins at 3:30. Tours are about 40 minutes long.

Sculpting a Landscape Garden Tour

Mabel Choate collaborated with landscape architect Fletcher Steele for nearly 30 years in the creation of the world-renowned gardens and views at Naumkeag. The gardens at Naumkeag are a must-see site for anyone interested in modern landscape design; everyone who sets foot in them will experience the magic captured in these unique historic gardens. NOTE: The property is not wheelchair accessible and the tour involves climbing stairs and walking on paths that are sometimes hilly and/or uneven. NOTE: The property is not wheelchair accessible, and the garden tour involves walking on uneven terrain, up steep inclines, and climbing stairs.

Garden tours run daily at 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM, and run approximately 45 minutes. For more information, call 413.298.8138.

A Gentleman's Farm in the Berkshires: Farm Tour of Naumkeag

Naumkeag was year-round working farm that supplied the Choate family dairy products and vegetables in Stockbridge and New York City. With a guide to tell you stories of the farm staff who made it all happen, explore the greenhouse, the barn and the modern-day version of cutting gardens and vegetable production. NOTE: The property is not wheelchair accessible, and the garden tour involves walking on uneven terrain, up steep inclines, and climbing stairs.

Farm tours run daily at 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM, and run approximately 35 minutes. For more information, call 413.298.8138.

Small Group Specialty Tours available by advance reservation:

Private group tours are available for 6 or more people with advance reservations and a non-refundable additional fee, if booked at least 48 hours in advance. For more information, call 413.298.8138 or email Camilla Gray at

Small groups may choose from the following exclusive tours:

Behind the Velvet Curtain: Backstairs at Naumkeag
See what it took to make this summer cottage tick. Explore the north wing and third floor - the province of the backstairs staff who ran Naumkeag. Tour guides will share behind-the-scenes treasures and stories. Must be able to climb steep stairs.

The Gilded Age at Naumkeag: Understand Naumkeag within a historical context
The rapid economic and industrial expansion after the Civil War, the rise in European immigration, and the growth of an American aristocracy amidst widespread worker poverty. Learn how the economic elite enjoyed their leisure time, how the Berkshires became a popular resort for this class, and how the Choate family fit into this picture.

OUTSIDE/IN - Architecture and Design Tour of Naumkeag
The landscape defines the spirit of Naumkeag, and the house draws that spirit inward. Carefully and specifically sited on the enfolding Berkshire hills, the Choate's summer retreat is more than a cottage, it is a collection of views and rooms, both inside and out. Experience highlights of the Naumkeag as Mabel Choate and Fletcher Steele planned for visitors to see it, weaving in and out of the house and gardens.

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